Thursday, January 14, 2010

Watery Wednesday

waiting for the dolphins

My Watery Wednesday entry for this week are these pictures taken at Panglao in Bohol beach Club. I wish to go back there one day and this time I would bring my two kids with me, I left Jaden to my mom when we went there because we booked the resorts honeymoon package, we wanted to be alone that time and my husband was on his R&R from Iraq.

Anyway, when I was young my dad used to bring me to his home town in Candijay Bohol  during fiesta, The people in Bohol are very warm and friendly. I would definitely recommend everyone to visit Bohol, Philippines. It's a tourist friendly destination, its ideal if you want some private getaway with your loved ones, not so crowded unlike Boracay and of course there are a lot of things to do and other places to visit in Bohol like its famous Chocolate Hills.


  1. I read a lot about Philippines too, Ruby. So many beautiful beaches. We plan to go there one day too :)


  2. We have been to Panglao also with hubby last summer.. ganda no?

  3. Wow! nindot jud btaw didto rubs oi! Nka-adto mis bohol uban si andrea 3 years ago pero wlay pictures nabilin kay among camera gi-kawat sa manila... Kalagot kaau jud.. wla jud picture handumanan nabilin..


  4. my husband and i plan to go home this summer and we want to go some place new. bohol is one of the items in the list of places to draw. =)

  5. spent a weekend in Panglao a few years ago. we rented a van and drove to see the sights. you're right, people in Bohol are warm and welcoming. i hope to return this year.:p


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