Monday, January 4, 2010

Perry wont take formula milk

My youngest son perry will turn 4 months old 2 weeks from now and i decide that I would stop breastfeeding and switch him to formula, but the problem is he wont drink a formula milk.. no matter what I do he wont take it, I got very frustrated because i didnt have this problem with Jaden, he likes taking formula after i stopped breastfeeding him before. Then I search online about how to switch breastfed babies into taking formula and i found some useful ideas on how to do it, but he is too smart that he noticed that I mixed his breast milk with formula. My friend told me also that the formula milk here in the States is not as sweet like in the Philippines, I need to stop breast feeding soon, my body is taking a toll on me, i have back pains and I cant really sleep at night. Oh please Perry take your formula milk ! please , please , please!! Mommy needs a break......


  1. I love your lay-out... nice. xlinks tayo?

  2. hello pwede add ko nimo dire?

    ingna ko ha...thanks...


  3. Oh, sweet Perry. He choose mom's milk better than formula one.. Just teach him slowly, Ruby. He will finally accept it :)

    Anyway, I added this one too

    Have a nice day

  4. Agoi! Problema diay si perry i-wean noh? Kapoy btaw mag-breastfeed oi kay pirmi gutom... Pero mka-save pud ka kay wlay gasto sa formula.. hehehe

    Ipadala nas perry dri kay mapugos sya'g inom ug formula kay wla nay breastmilk dri.. heheheh

  5. Ganyan talaga sacrifice maging mommy, haha, but it will all worth it. Ako din sa youngest ko dati parang three months lng, d ko kaya sobra kasing takaw eh. hehe


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