Tuesday, December 1, 2009

no more diaper

My son turned 3 years old  last week and yesterday he stopped wearing diaper at night by himself, he has been potty trained but I always let him wear a diaper at night because I dont want him to wet his bed like what he did before when I tried not to let him wear a diaper before he goes to bed.
I guess Jaden is really growing up, Im so proud of him...


  1. Awww nakakatuwa naman ano. Saka malaki mase-save mo pag wala na diapers at mahal din!

  2. No more diapers, does Jaden wear training pants now?
    Ruby, when Jaden is 0-3 months old, did you tried Dunstan Baby Language? Does it really work for? Just my couriosity...

  3. Maau na kay save sa kwarta inahan! mahal bya kaau diapers! Si fifi, i-potty train ko na nia pag 1 year old nya.. hahhahahaha... Btaw, mahal man gud ang diaper oi... Paspasi na nia imong new blog para PR-3 na dayon.. hehehehe....

  4. Wow how did you do it, my son will turn 3 next month and he refuses to use the bathroom so he is still in full term with his diaper use? Can you give us some advice??


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