Tuesday, December 1, 2009

new blog

This blog is dedicated to all the young and gorgeous mommies out there. At 22 I became a momma to my Jaden and honestly I had no idea how to take care of my son that time, I thought after giving birth that I can relax and its all over but I was so wrong , it was just a beginning of a journey raising my son.


  1. Aba nawala lang ako ng isang lingo nakabuo ka agad ng new blog hehehe.. Followed this one na din sis.

    Im back and trying to catch up..

  2. I had my firstborn at the age of 22 too. Now she soon turns 13!!! They are growing up to fast.

    My sixth kid is 5 month old now and he is my last so I'm trying to take care of every babysecond.

    Like my grandma used to say
    "Small kids, small problems
    Big kids, Big problems"


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